Commonwealth Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine

Back to School!

Get your kids off to a great start this year! Here are a few tips for a successful day at school and a good year…

  • Eat a good breakfast. We all know it is the most important meal of the day. Be open to different nutritious foods as long as they are getting good energy to fuel their brains!
  • Set expectations ahead of time and be positive! (We expect you to work hard, do your best. Have a snack first then homework, then playtime.)
  • Create a quiet and clutter- free space for homework time. Be available for questions. If there is time, go over it together. Point out a specific part you noticed.
  • Bedtime routines! Everyone benefits from winding down before bed. A good night’s rest helps restore energy, promotes growth, gives brain and muscle cells time to rest and be ready for the next day.
  • Fuel their passion! Every child has her special interest. Remind her to work hard on all subjects but be supportive of what they love the most whether it be math, art, science, music, reading, or sports.
  • Talk about the future. Remind them they can explore more in depth about a particular subject they love in high school and college.

Flu Clinics 2011!!!

We will be holding flu clinics again this year with specific time slots. Once we have our supply, we will set dates and times to get your children vaccinated and to avoid cancellations. Call at the end of September/early October to schedule your time. We try to keep these as smooth as possible. Please help us keep this service timely: come a few minutes early and be ready to fill out paperwork. Details about the flu inside!

To Read the Full Newsletter, please download it in PDF format here: CPAM’s Fall 2011 Newsletter