Influenza Information for Commonwealth Pediatrics

We apologize for the delay in the availability of flu clinics. In order for us to open up flu clinics, we need to have enough flu vaccine to provide to our patients. We are pleased to announce that we currently have some flu clinic dates available. Please note that if your insurance provides vaccines from the state’s supply, we may not have vaccine available yet for your child. As our supply increases, we will add more flu clinic dates. We appreciate your patience during this time and it is our sincere hope to vaccinate all of our patients as supply becomes available.

Please call our office at 804-320-1353 to check availability and schedule your appointment.

Remember, vaccination is the best way to protect your family from the flu!

Preventing the Flu: Resources for Parents & Child Care Providers

Parents and child care providers can help prevent and slow the spread of the flu. The flu (influenza) is a respiratory illness caused by a virus. Flu infections are highly contagious. They spread easily when children are in a group with other children such as in a child care center or family child care home.

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