Physicals and Well Visits

Physicals and well visits are an important part of ensuring your child’s wellbeing. In addition, well visits enable our physicians to catalogue and chart your child’s development and growth.

Well visits should be scheduled as far in advance as possible, as there are only a limited number of well visit appointments available per day. It is important that these appointments are kept or promptly cancelled if you’re unable to make your scheduled appointment. Should you be more than ten (10) minutes late for your well visit you will be asked to reschedule.

Please be sure to bring any necessary school-related paperwork with you when bringing your child in for a physical.

The well check up schedule is as follows:
Weight & Jaundice Check
2 Weeks
Check-up, HepB#1 (if not given while in hospital)
1 month
Check-up, HepB#2 (if it has been 1 month since HepB#1)
2 months
Check-up, DTap#1, HIB#1, IPV#1, PCV#1, Roat#1, HepB#2 (if needed)
4 months
Check-up, DTap#2, HIB#2, IPV#2, PCV#2, Rota#2
6 months
Check-up, DTap#3, HIB#3, PCV#3, Rota#3
9 months
Check-up, HepB#3
12 months
Check-up (Must be schedule on or after 1st birthday), PCV#4, Varivax#1, HepA#1, TB Screening, Lead Level Screening, Hematocrit
15 months
Check-up, HIB#4, MMR#1
18 months
Check-up, DTap#4, IPV#3, HepA#2 (If six months from HepA#1), M-Chat (Autism Screening)
24 months
Check-up, M-Chat (Autism Screening, Lead Level Screening, Hematocrit, Catch up on vaccines, if needed
30 months
Check-up, M-Chat (Autism Screening), Catch up on vaccines, if needed
3 years
Check-up, Catch up on vaccines, if needed
4 years
Check-up (Must be scheduled on or after 4th birthday), DTap#5, IPV#4, MMR#2, Varivax#2, Hearing, Vision, Hematocrit, Urinalysis, TB Screening
Yearly from age 5 through 21
Check-up every year, Growth & Development, Vision at every checkup, Hematocrit, Urinalysis and TB screening every five years. Meningococcal vaccine is given typically at the 11 year check-up with a booster given before college. TDap vaccine required to enter 6th grade. It is given at either 10 or 11 year check-up. HPV (Gardasil) is offered to girls and boys starting at 11 years of age. It is a 3 dose vaccine series.

* This vaccine and screening schedule follows AAP & CDC recommendations. If your child is utilizing an alternate vaccine schedule or if you have questions about what is recommended at each check up, please contact our office.

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