Referral Request

Many insurance companies require that a referral be completed prior to having specialty care provided, i.e.: seeing a specialist physician, having x-rays or other diagnostic testing done, etc. If the referral is not obtained from the insurance company, the patient will be responsible for the full balance of all incurred charges.

Commonwealth Pediatrics has a coordinator at our Harbour Point office that will obtain these referrals from the insurance companies for you should our providers feel that additional medical care is necessary for your child. You are responsible for setting up the appointment with the specialist.

Once you have an appointment, please contact our referral staff so that they can proceed with obtaining the referral. Depending on your insurance, some referrals can be directly sent by us to the specialist; however, some paper referrals must be picked-up at our office.

We require three (72 hours) business days notice to your appointment time in order to obtain the referral.

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