It is recommended that you have adequate health insurance coverage. For most insurance programs, your policy agreement is between you and your carrier, while the arrangement for service and payment is between the doctor and you, not the doctor and your insurance company. We will attempt to provide you with all the necessary information for filing claims and assist you in any manner that we are able. We file all claims for the insurance companies with which we participate.

Co-payments and balances are collected at the time of service.

Please bring your child’s insurance card to each visit. We attempt to verify your insurance coverage prior to each visit. Currently we are able to verify patient eligibility and benefits for many of the larger insurance companies on-line. If we are unable to verify your insurance prior to your appointment or if your insurance has changed, we must receive a copy of the current insurance card.

Please inform us promptly of any change in your insurance carrier.

Currently, Commonwealth Pediatrics participates in the following insurance plans:

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